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Eve Snappy Pouch

Eve Snappy Pouch (for Fall Series) | IDR 25.000,-

"Clemente" Slote Bag

"Clemente" Slote Bag for Halloween Series  | IDR 75.000,- SOLD OUT, thanks

Dear Maria Sling Bag

"Dear Maria" Sling Bag | IDR. 50.000,- stock product: 1 pcs

Strabby Blue Bag

Strabby Blue Bag | IDR. 65.000,- stock product: 1 pcs

Sweet Polka Bag

PROMO PRICE!!! Sweet Polka Bag Normal Price IDR. 90.000,- Promo Price (up to 31-01-2013) IDR 70.000,- stock product: 2 pcs

Customers Appreciation Program and Giveaway

2012 is not over yet, but we have learned a lot of things within this year. It is quite amazing how fate has brought us here, but we are thankful for anything and anyone who have been involved in the process of finding the right place for us to start growing as both individuals and craft lovers. We have actually start to share the mutual interest in sewing since we were in high school.  We remember the first bags we made from mica plastic material and wore it anywhere we go at that time. Several years later, we have just realized that this is the type of living that we will enjoy to live day by day. So we start to be more focused on this field. After several months of starting La Conchita and finding our perfect rhythm, we finally understood how to start doing this. Of course there are still many flaws here and there, but as the gratitude for all the chance and opportunities that our beloved family, friends, and customers have given, we decided to arrange our first customers a

Catching Up and La Conchita Donation Program

By Eka It's been a while since the last time we blogged here. Well, as some Facebook friends may have noticed, these couple of months we start to be focused on creating handmade bags as our main focus. We made several types of bags, and the market response was quite enthusiastic. This is why, we start to decide getting more serious in developing our brand and assessing the market's specific preference on handmade bags. Some pics of the bags from our "SOLD" album on FB :) We also start to build our own website, which after several months of juggling between our main jobs, custom orders, and social life, it is finally ready in the 7 months anniversary of La Conchita. We are glad that we have started this path and we will try to catch up what we have left soon after we sort things out. On another note. We have some donation reports to do. Thanks for our generous clients and friends, we can finally join the donation program which was arranged in our neig

Snappy Pouch Series

Snappy Pouch Series" | @ IDR 25.000 (SOLD OUT ^_^)