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Simple Fascinator Tutorial

By Tata. To comply my 19th American girl look for Indonesian Crafter Monthly Challenge (Country), I need a fascinator . You can actually find fascinator easily at various hair accessories shops, but it will be fun to make it from scratch. You can match it with your specific style while saving much money on it by recycling your old stuff. For this fascinator, I take my old hair band and some part of my old brocade dress.  Tools and materials: 1. Fragments of my old dress. 2. Old head band. 3. circle shaped cardboard (covered with fabric. 4. Satin fabric. 5. Brocade fabric. 6.Tile fabric 7. Flannel/felt 8. Corsage hot melt adhesive or multipurpose glue.   Step 1. I cut out out a the old dress into some parts of fragments and use the lower part to decorate the fascinator (see the circled part). Step 2. Then I take the satin fabric, fold it and sew the sides just like you can see at the picture above. Don;t forget to left a cleft to flip the inside out. Then

Indonesian Crafter Monthly Challenge: 19th Century American Girl

By: Tata and Eka. As the members of Indonesian Crafters , we are challenged to make crafts with specific theme each month. This month is country craft challenge, and we decided to contribute our craftworks by creating 19th century American Girl Style. Tata made this short petticoat dress by reconstruct/revamp her old cardigan and skirt.   And creating this fascinator as the accessory.   Eka made this Victorian fan and purse to comply the entire look.       We had so much fun in creating the crafts and taking pictures in a beautiful place called Oma View Residence, near Eka’s home.     Most of the crafts were made by recycling our old stuff. We will post some of the tutorials in this blog later. This month’s challenge is so exciting. And do you know other exciting news we get today? Sari from Asimetris asked Eka to join her hosting a gathering for Indonesian Crafter Members in Malang Area. After checking out the previous gatherings of other members, we’re pretty sur

March Birthday Bash

By Tata. Last Weekend I had the honor to host one of our clients' 12th birthday party.. It was a bright afternoon party in a beautiful place called Taman Indie . A nice venue with great ambience.. perfect to be enjoyed with delicious foods and nice people.. A lot of cute young ladies with fancy dresses and pretty smiles come to the birthday bash.. Even Mbakyu Malang Junior (the winner of our junior beauty pageant) attended the party! (She is the one with the fuscia dress) We surely had a lot of fun! Here is the birthday girl with her mom.  Isn't she looks young and gorgeous for a mom of a 12 years old girl? And here I am wearing my handmade headband, with a fellow host :) Finally, Happy 12-year-old Birthday, Icha! May your teen years be great years that comes with day after day of fun!

Jolly Lollypop Towel

PRICE  : @ Rp. 3.500,00/set (with pencils)               @ Rp. 2.000,00/set (with straw)               ( 5% of total purchase for Donation ) KODE   : WF-JLLT-02.12.08 Min purchase : 100 set  Package : Clear Plastic Packaging with bow DETAIL SIZE OF THIS DESIGN:  Length    :  10-15 cm Wide        : 5 cm Note: * Customizable color ** Additional cost for packaging     Box Packaging = Rp. 2.000,00 (depend on the box design) Leave comments of click  here  for how to order, and contact us  here  to send your queries.                    Love,

Fancy Tissue Pouch

PRICE  : @ Rp. 2.750,00/set ( 5% of total purchase for Donation ) KODE   : WF-SSP-02.12.07 Min purchase : 100 set Package : Clear Plastic Packaging DETAIL SIZE OF THIS DESIGN: Length    : 13-15 cm wide      : 9 cm Note: * Customizable color ** Additional cost for packaging     Box Packaging = Rp. 2.000,00 (depend on the box design) box packaging sample Leave comments of click here for how to order, and contact us here to send your queries.                    Love,