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Indonesian Crafter Gathering With La Conchita

by Eka. As I've mentioned before, Tata and I were involved in arranging Indonesian Crafter Gathering Regional Malang as requested by mba Sarie from Asimetris . And guess what?  We decided to go a little bit further by sponsoring the event and arranging the party theme with the help of mba Sarie. And after two weeks of meetings and plannings, we came up with Shabby Chic party theme which located at O-ren Resto & Lounge. It is a nice quite place which make it perfect to make our small gathering more personal. For the decor, we made pompoms from tissue paper, buntings, and crepe streamers We also made bunting for the guest book, and it shaped as houses to comply this month's IC challenge (home sweet home). We also have bottles as the table decor, with vintage flowers and origami lilies made by mba Sarie.   To comply the "crafty" theme, I made sweet button cupcakes and tasty thread spools made from sausages and noodles.   It is very nice to know that