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My Dream House: A Beautiful Victorian Cottage in a Remote Area

by Eka Look at this beautiful flower sachet! Don't you think it looks super sweet with the shabby white door? Now get ready for sweetness overload of a Victorian cottage.. white curtains.. clear bottles as flower vase... white book jackets... huge white framed mirrors.. Even more white decorations from pictures below.. I would love to spend each night sleeping on that beautiful bed! Can you believe that those beautiful interiors are a part of this tiny -ex hunting cabin-cottage? And this is the beautiful amazing lady who turn a hunt cabin into this tiny Victorian cottage with her husband.. can you believe that she's more than 40 years old? Bonus point! The cottage is located near a river! It's definitely my dream house! (Well, minus bathroom and kitchen, unfortunately) Check out the entire dramatic story of how Mr and Mrs Foster came up with the idea of creating this beautiful place here . I swear her life is like a romantic novel. Photos and stories are co