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Indonesian Crafter Monthly Challenge: 19th Century American Girl

By: Tata and Eka.

As the members of Indonesian Crafters, we are challenged to make crafts with specific theme each month.

This month is country craft challenge, and we decided to contribute our craftworks by creating 19th century American Girl Style.

Tata made this short petticoat dress by reconstruct/revamp her old cardigan and skirt.

And creating this fascinator as the accessory.

Eka made this Victorian fan and purse to comply the entire look.

We had so much fun in creating the crafts and taking pictures in a beautiful place called Oma View Residence, near Eka’s home.



Most of the crafts were made by recycling our old stuff. We will post some of the tutorials in this blog later. This month’s challenge is so exciting.

And do you know other exciting news we get today? Sari from Asimetris asked Eka to join her hosting a gathering for Indonesian Crafter Members in Malang Area. After checking out the previous gatherings of other members, we’re pretty sure that It’s going to be fun! Just can't wait >.<


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