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House Dress into Baby Bag

By Tata

Eka found this cute house dress made from soft cotton wool in a bazaar for just about Rp. 10.000 ($1,2).
When she shows me the dress, I know it's cheap because of the poor seams. But I have a lot of plans with the fabric :)

The first project is making baby bag from it.
The soft texture of the fabric makes this dress looks perfect to be reconstructed as baby bag or other baby stuff.

So here is the dress picture that I began with.
First of all I cut the fabric with the simple sketch I made as a reference.

After that, I start to sew the little detail like the front pocket and the handle

 and overlay the fabric with thin foam before sewing them together.

Here is how it looked after the entire scraps being sewn together:

The next step is sewing the inner layer. Don't forget to leave a little hole so it can be turned inside out like this.

Now it's time for the lid. I took some of the fabric and measure it according to the upper part of the bag's size. I sew it with a zipper and overlay it with foam and inner layer like this:

The next thing to do is sewing the lid and the bag's body together.

now here is the final result:

It turns out to be quite pretty, right?


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